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 Waiting for True Life

A Young Couple's Journey Through Heart Transplant and Beyond

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Hi!  My name is Elise and I’m so glad you’re here. 

Our story isn't an easy one.  In fact, it's my worst fear come true.  I became a widow and single parent in December of 2020.


The details of your story are likely different than mine.  But I'm guessing that since you are here, your story hasn't been easy either.  

In this space, you will read honest reflections of two people who struggled to hold on to hope, trust God, and keep going through a series of overwhelming events including a life-saving, but life-altering, heart transplant.

Whatever your story is, I hope that you leave here feeling less alone.

The worst part of our story begins during our senior year of college when (my fiancé at the time) Greg experienced a sudden and unexpected cardiac arrest.  That was only the beginning of a 14 year journey that included receiving a heart transplant at age 25 and losing his life at age 35. 

If you'd like to read more about our story, click below.

To read our about our transplant experience in real-time, click below:

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Read the devotional I wrote for widows and widowers in their first year of grief.

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