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"Objectively, empirically, without trying to be dramatic or say something that sounds like it came out of a movie, the simple truth is that my life is either going to be short or miraculous.

I do believe that God can and does heal miraculously, and I think it's wise to pray for such things. But I also think that the voice of scripture teaches that God more often has us walk the path that He's laid before us, rather than turning that path 180 degrees on the head of a pin.

For that reason, I think it's wise to pray for miraculous healing, but not necessarily to expect it. As Elise would say, "hope for it, but not in it".

If we place our hope in anything except the fact that God has a plan and that His plan is best, odds (literally) are that I'll die young, and my wife and many of you will end up bitter.

Know that God doesn't promise me health, comfort, or victory in this life – he promises me Himself. And that is enough."

- Written by Greg February 16, 2010, 18 days after being listed for a heart transplant


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