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The Lord is my inheritance

but I have craved more.

More money and comfort.

Less stress and fewer unknowns.

I have begged for healing,

miraculous rescue from the road of suffering.

More time with the one I love.

The rocking chair, porch, and white picket fence,

that come with the long life we think we are owed.

I have prayed for more children,

even after the glorious provision of my one.

Feeling like less of a mother

because a sibling never came.

I have longed for more of everything:

comfort, ease, money, time

pets, books, clothes, friends.

Hoping that more in my hands

will somehow bring contentment to my heart.

Instead of more, the Lord has given me less.

Less stuff. Less children. Less time with the man I love.

Fewer answered prayers.

Less reasons to hold so tightly to this life.

More freedom in knowing Heaven is my home.

With less of this, I get more of Him.

My inheritance remains secure.


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