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April 1, 2011 - Prograf Level Update

Greg's coordinator just called to say that his Prograf level dropped from 36 (Wednesday morning) to 14 this morning!  No wonder he was more alert yesterday!  It's still too high but just slightly - they want it between 10-12.  So he'll continue to hold off on taking Prograf until Saturday evening, at which point he'll start on a lower dose than he was previously taking.  They will test his blood again Monday and make any necessary adjustments.

Thankfully Greg has a young, healthy, undamaged liver so his body was able to get rid of the excess Prograf quickly!  He's wiped out today and has slept the whole day so far except for going in for the blood test, but I'm interested to see how he's feeling once he wakes up.  We'll let you know how things go Monday.  Hopefully things will continue to calm down and he'll keep doing better and




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