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December 3, 2010 - First Heart Biopsy

SO... the important news is that Greg was taken to the catheterization lab late this morning for his first heart biopsy/ catheterization, which seems to have gone well. We won't know the results of the biopsy possibly til Monday, but please keep praying for NO REJECTION! It is likely that there will be some rejection since that's a common occurrence in the beginning, so we need to not get discouraged if it is in fact there.

The doctor said that the pressures are a little high in his heart still, which indicates that he will need dialysis today again. He said that the heart looks good and that the cardiac output is 2 1/2 times what his old heart was. He also said that with time, the nerves to the heart that regulate the rate/ response to exercise, etc just kind of "find their way" to the new heart and make it regulate appropriately. Isn't the human body an amazing testimony of God's ability?

We heard earlier in the day that Greg has a little bit of "collapse" at the base of the left lung. This is NOT uncommon and can be resolved by increased coughing/ deep breathing/ sitting up in the chair/ moving around, etc. All these things have been almost impossible for him to do because of everything he has been dealing with since surgery, but he is ready and WANTS to get better!

Dr. DeSai did say that the reintubation/ being put on the ventilator caused him a real set back and it sounded like he COULD possibly be in the hospital up to a couple weeks more, but as with everything, I'm sure he could get out sooner with some good days in a row. It sounds like he will definitely be out, but please be praying HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!! That means an awful lot to both him and Elise.

I'm hoping that they will allow him to eat a little bit of food today since his procedure will be over and his intestinal tract is working!!

They also were making some changes to his pain medications today that will hopefully help him to be able to move a bit more freely, along with coughing and deep breathing more effectively. Despite the tremendous pain he has been in, he has been a CHAMPION at making himself do all the things that are necessary to help him recover. I told him that he has given a new definition to "BRAVEHEART" - one of his favorite movies!

There is a chance that he will be transferred back to the step down unit (hopefully the presidential suite - room 305) again today, but if not, then tomorrow. All the nurses from up there have been coming down regularly to see him and cheer him on and can't wait to have him back again. The VAST majority of them are an awesome group of caregivers.

Greg's aunt is bringing his brothers down for a visit this weekend and they should get here this evening. Please pray for safe travel for them and for a wonderful visit for the boys. Greg is SO exhausted that the visit will have a different "tone" than usual when they are together, but it will just be good for them to see him.

That's all I know for now - hope you're all well and enjoying your Friday!

As always, thanks for your prayers!

Greg's mother

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