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December 5, 2010 - No Rejection!

I'm SO happy to write this note! It seems that we've been at your doorsteps so many times when there is a crisis, but today, I'm here to share a definite answer to your prayers! NO REJECTION on heart biopsy! Isn't that amazing, after all the setbacks of this past week?

And that's not all... they almost have the Isuprel IV drip taken down and his heart rate has been in the high 80's/ low 90 beats per minute. Dr. DeSai had explained to us that they're not sure how/ why but that Greg's nerves (that had been severed from his old heart) would "find their way" into his new heart and eventually innervate it to allow his heart rate to be normal. That seems to be happening very quickly and even without therapeutic levels of some of the medications on board that should help that to happen. This whole week has been an amazing testimony of answered prayers for his preservation and restoration in so many ways. We are in awe of it all.

More good news... this morning, there was some concern about his lung status and so he was taken to the x-ray department for full front/ back/ side chest x-rays and those results showed that there is not a problem! He still needs to continue to do the breathing exercises that they want him to do (that hurt and make him cough!), but he is not needing to wear any supplemental oxygen right now!

And MORE good news... his kidneys appear to still be 'waking up" with his renal lab values heading in the right direction. The renal doctor came in today and ordered some diuretics for him, but they are not going to do dialysis on him today. The hope is that he will continue to improve in that department and that he would not need any further dialysis.

The doctor said that if a bed was available, he would be transferred to the step-down unit today. Then, if he remains stable, kidneys progress, and he gets on with his physical therapy, he should be headed home fairly soon!! YEAH!!!! He will be in the hospital 7 weeks tomorrow, so you can only imagine how anxious he and Elise are to have him back at home :)

He had a wonderful visit with his aunt and brothers this weekend and now is looking forward to watching the Steeler game with his dad tonight! Do you think they could win just for him??? That would be the perfect end to the perfect weekend! :)

He didn't mention anything about "Greg Radio" today, so I'm not sure how bad that is right now, but the blessing is that since he showed no rejection, they can back off on the steroids a little I think!

That's it for now - I hope you can sense a wave of encouragement and relief coming from us when you read this. Thanks for helping us to get through this week! We hope that you're all well and enjoying these special days and weeks before Christmas! Know that we love and appreciate you all!

Greg's mother

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