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February 15, 2010 - Encouraging appointment

Greg was seen in the heart transplant clinic today by Dr. May and got a WONDERFUL report! He is doing SO well that they are not going to do the heart catheterization that they were planning to do in the near future! He said that they will wait 1-2 months to do it, depending on how Greg is doing, but as of right now, he is doing GREAT! Isn't that amazing? Your prayers are all being answered -- thank you so much!

His new lowest "dry weight" is 185.2, his heart rhythms are under control, he is having no more pain from fluid accumulation in his abdomen, and he is walking between 1.5 and 1.8 miles per day around their apartment complex! That totally amazes me when I think that in months past, it would take him sometimes 10 minutes to walk up the six steps to their apartment.

As Elise reminded us in her post last week, there is no guarantee that it will be God's plan to totally heal Greg, but, He might :) And even if He doesn't, He is being so kind to allow this period of encouragement. We are so very grateful.

Other good news is that Greg was granted permission to go to Cook Forest with his dad this spring for their annual trip. My husband has had the tradition of a weekend alone with each of the boys to Cook Forest (usually the same cabin!) since Greg was 3 years old. It's a very special place and time and it's such an encouragement for them both to know that they'll be back there this year together again!

He had a chest XRAY today to check on the status of his sternum and will be seeing the surgeon tomorrow. Hopefully, he'll get another good report there.

Thank you again for your prayers! I hope that you're all safe, warm and healthy in the midst of another snow storm... spring will come SOME day!

Greg's mom

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