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God is a Good Father

This picture says everything about the kind of father Greg was.

We were on our way back to VA after spending 5 weeks in Florida. It had been a hard summer health-wise and Greg hadn't been able to spend as much time making memories with our son, P, as he'd hoped. So we decided to stop at a fun spot for a night on the way home and have some good family time.

We spent the afternoon exploring Savannah but what P was most looking forward to was swimming with daddy in the beautiful hotel pool. We promised he'd get a chance to swim - but right when we finally were all geared up with swim suits, goggles, and Paul's floaty, a cold, torrential downpour started.

The lifeguard blew the whistle and kicked everyone out of the pool. Our son was crestfallen as only a 4 year old can be.

Greg went up to the lifeguard who was hurrying to get out of the rain and explained that he had promised his son that he could swim. I'm not sure how he did it, but he somehow convinced the lifeguard to let Greg take him swimming. The lifeguard fled inside and they went into the pool (while I watched from cover!).

Greg's promises to our son were important to him. He always did everything he could to fulfill them - even if it meant swimming in a cold, pouring rain when everyone else was dry inside.

It breaks my heart that our boy lost such a wonderful dad. And yet, I've been thinking this morning that the best gift Greg gave him wasn't fulfilling his promises, but pointing him to his heavenly Father who always fulfills His. This is the kind

of Father God is to us. He's willing to get into the cold, pouring rain - willing to do what no one else would

ever do - to fulfill His promises to us.

Why? Because He loves us that much.

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