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What if healing from grief doesn't mean grief's end?

What if healing looks like something else entirely?

What if healing is

Little steps forward and

Small dashes of hope on mundane days?

What if it's stronger faith from a weaker soul,

Trust mixed with fear and

Trembling while walking into the unknown?

What if my healing isn't a happy ending or

A white knight coming to save the day?

What if it's the God who has never left my side

Showing up again and again?

What if healing is life-long and not complete until eternity?

What if I watch others get the healing I wanted?

Will I be content with the healing God gives?

When it's packaged in pain, loose threads and tiny glimpses?

When I don't know the outcome or even the next step?

What if healing is more about my Savior than my dreams?

Will I trust that sort of healing to be enough?

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