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Heart Transplant Journey 12.9.2011 - Rejection

We just found out that Greg's biopsy showed that he's having a level 2 rejection. Thankfully it was caught early enough that he doesn't have to be admitted to the hospital right away. Starting today he'll be on heavy doses of prednisone for 5 days and then they will repeat the biopsy on the 21st to see if things have improved. If not he will be admitted to the hospital for more intense treatment.

We feel a mix of emotions - the biggest one being surprise. Although in hindsight he was starting to have shortness of breath like he used to before he had his new heart and was dealing with massive heart failure.

Unfortunately the timing of this is really disruptive to our plans for the holidays. We were going to be in Pittsburgh with his family and I was going to fly to Illinois to see my grandmother during that time - now we're trying to figure out how I can still see her but be back in time to be with Greg for his biopsy. Another complication is that he is speaking at the Radiate conference in Baltimore from the 27th-1st but now might not be able to go.

Please pray that the prednisone would quickly stop the rejection, that his biopsy on the 21st would come back with 0 rejection, and that Greg will be able to speak at the conference. We're feeling pretty overwhelmed with all of this - scared, angry, sad... a whole bunch of emotions are flooding in. Please also pray that we'll be able to fix our minds on the truth that God is in control, that this is all a part of his plan, and that we can rest in Him instead of feeling panic.

Thanks so much,


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