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Heart Transplant Journey 8.1.2011 - First Allomap Test Results

Hey everyone,

We got some good news at the clinic! Greg had a blood test to check for rejection (the Allomap test I've explained in previous posts) and it showed that he still hasn't had any rejection! Praise God! The really awesome part is that he is now completely off of Prednisone. Most transplant recipients never come completely off of it so this is really encouraging. And with all the bad side-effects that steroids can have on one's body over time it's a really great thing.

They did end up putting Greg on a low daily dose of diuretic because they think he is retaining some water. We're not sure why that would be the case but the doctors want to see how he does on the daily dose for a while before taking any other steps. For now we're just glad that they are addressing the problem and Greg's enjoying the benefit of having less excess water on him.

Thanks for praying for us!



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