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If Redemption Was Found

If redemption for widows was found in remarriage,

then Jesus left his mother hopeless

when he entrusted her care to his friend.

If redemption was found in hard work and diligence,

then it was Martha who chose the better portion

instead of Mary who sat by Jesus’ feet.

If redemption after illness was found in healing,

then Jesus was cruel when he waited 3 days

To ensure that Lazarus was dead in the grave.

If redemption was found in cleaning up your life,

then Jesus would’ve demanded proof of change

before offering forgiveness to the thirsty woman at the well.

If redemption was found in living a squeaky clean life,

then the angels would rejoice over the moral and religious

instead of the sinner who repents.

But righteousness is found in Christ alone -

a suffering savior and humble king.

All else are lesser things

that seem so good

but cannot save.

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