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January 7, 2011- No more at-home nursing or physical therapy!

I'm excited to share with you that as of this week Greg has officially "graduated" from at-home nursing and physical therapy! He reached the goals that they had set for his recovery and did so much sooner than they expected! It is truly amazing to see how much stronger he is now than when he first came home - it's like he is a totally different person.

This morning we went to the hospital for another biopsy. We don't know the results yet and won't hear from the doctor until Monday unless there is an emergency issue (such as severe rejection- level 3) that they need to treat immediately. However we would be surprised if that was the case because Greg is doing so well. His incisions have healed very nicely, his swelling is significantly less everywhere, his heart sounds great and his blood pressure and temperature continue to stay within the safe zone. All in all his recovery is going so well. Depending on his blood work and biopsy results they may decrease his steroid doses again which would be wonderful. He is still having the same mental side effects each night from the steroids so another decrease would be really helpful.

One of our favorite nurses, Bernadette, took care of Greg this morning and she couldn't believe how strong he is. It wasn't too long ago that she and 3 other nurses had to help Greg get from the wheelchair into our car - but today he walked right in and out of the hospital on his own power!

I'll let you know when we hear the results from today's hospital visit - but I wanted to share with you the exciting news of Greg's progress!

Happy New Year,


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