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A Little Less Alone

I went to meet another widow

and didn't know what to say.

What words of wisdom or comfort

could I possibly offer?

What sorrows and traumas

does she hold in her heart?

What does she need to say in

the presence of another who knows?

I too am a widow and I don't have the answers.

I worry I will say too much, or maybe too little.

Should I say anything it all?

But then I remembered:

Presence is important.

Being seen matters.

Showing up means more

than well crafted words.

So I showed up.

Not to rescue, fix or heal.

Not to answer questions or give advice.

Simply as a witness to her pain and

the love and loss that have shaped her life.

She shared and so did I.

We showed pictures of the men we still love

and smiled big smiles when we talked about what made them so dear to us.

Then we said goodbye

and drove away.

It wasn't profound -

It was presence.

I showed up for her,

she showed up for me,

and we both felt a little less alone.


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