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Life is Brutiful

It's a beautiful spring day. The birds are chirping their songs of joy and the bright blue sky only holds wisps of clouds. Three hours away, my dear friend sits with her husband and watches and waits as he breathes his last.

How do we live here, Lord, in this land where joy and sorrow constantly collide? How do we rejoice when all around us- near and far- hearts are breaking?

Life is beautiful and oh so brutal. This land in between breaks my heart over and over while also bringing me moments of such joy and peace.

I can't hold it all. I don't know how to let in joy when sorrow seems to reign. I don't know how to walk in someone else's sorrow when my joy has finally come.

Jesus, will you hold this? You who were a man of sorrows and aquainted with grief, can you carry it? When my heart is so heavy that I can barely move my limbs, will you meet me there? When the sun rises, the birds sing, and all seems well for a moment, will you carry that too?

In this land of joy and sorrow, will you meet us in both?

Jesus, please hold my hand as I walk with uncertain steps, weak arms, and feeble attempts. Help me to hold sorrow and joy until that day when only joy remains.

*credit for the term "brutiful" belongs to Glennom Doyle


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