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March 21, 2011 - Still No Improvement

Greg had another blood test today and it showed that there was no improvement in his WBCs despite the changes that were made in his medications and the most recent injection.

He'll be going back tomorrow to get another injection, and then it'll be back for more blood work a day or so after. In hopes that something will change, the transplant team has instructed Greg to take no Cellcept tonight. This is in addition to no Valcyte - so they are leaving him with very little defense against rejection.

We don't feel like we really understand all the adjustments that they are making, but we're both worried that all of these medication decreases are going to end up in rejection at his next biopsy (we don't have an appointment yet but it should be some time next week). Greg specifically asked me to ask you to pray that his heart would be protected against rejection. If the rejection was significant he'd probably have to be in the hospital for a few days and he's so tired of going to the hospital that it would be even more of a discouragement.

Would you also pray for his WBCs to improve? That his body would respond to the shots and just make a whole ton of them? We know that God is in control of all these details and when medicine doesn't work like it should it reminds us that He's the one we need to be relying on.

While he's still feeling incredible bone-soreness, his energy level has significantly improved since early last week which we are very grateful for! Tomorrow's injection could bring that back but we are praying that it won't.

Thank you

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