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March 29, 2011 - ER visit

Hi Everyone,

We just spoke briefly with Greg and he (and Elise) have just gone through a tough couple of days.

He began getting severe migraines (complete with nausea and vomiting) about 48 hours ago. It sounds like he has had 3-4 since Saturday night. Along with that, the pain that he is experiencing in his bones and muscles has continued to get much worse. They called the transplant center "on call" coordinator yesterday and were instructed to go to the ER immediately where it sounds like they spent most of the day.

They did a TON of lab work, xray and a CT scan of his brain and nothing definitive showed up. They did say that his WBC count was "better" - though no definite level was given. Dr. Desai gave instructions that he was to be discharged, but that they were to call first thing this morning to set up a time to be seen in the transplant clinic. They made calls requesting to be seen, but never got an answer back, which is extremely unusual for that clinic... and very disturbing when you're feeling so awful.

Greg said that it's just frustrating because since he's not running a fever, it seems like no one is really alarmed, but he feels worse and worse every single day. In addition to all the pain, he is extremely fatigued - sleeping as much as 15 hours per day. There are SO many unanswered questions going through their minds (and ours) right now and it would just be a real blessing to have some clarity about what's going on - be reassured that nothing major is wrong - and oh so importantly allow him to have relief of this pain.

If you would please pray for those things and for protection over his new heart- that no rejection would be occurring! - we would be so very grateful. Also please pray for peace for Greg and Elise - that fear would be kept away and they would feel the Lord's presence. Thanks for always interceding on their behalf - we are all so blessed by your presence in our lives.

I hope and pray that you and those you love are well -- again thank you.

Greg's Mother

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