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November 1, 2010 - Feeling Stuck and Discouraged


We continue to wait on a new heart for Greg and are getting through day by day. Being stuck in the hospital is difficult for Greg and with the indefinite time-line he feels like he's never going to get out! I'll admit it feels like that to me too.

Greg has not been feeling well over the past few days. He's extremely fatigued and uncomfortable. Although the doctors adjusted his medications a bit before the weekend they don't seem to be making a big difference. He did lose some of the water weight but it's already starting to come back. He was told this morning that even if they were able to get all of the water off, Greg still wouldn't be able to leave the hospital. While his heart does OK when he's in bed or sitting still, even walking slowly taxes it too much. And if they took him off the extremely high doses of diuretics he can get through the IV and put him back on oral medications at home, he would just balloon up.

A highlight of the weekend was that Greg was able to switch to a bigger hospital room - it's the biggest one in the unit he's in! It has a separate sitting room attached to it so he has more places to sit and more space to move around in. This has been a huge blessing and we are really grateful that the nurses were so sweet to switch him. Since the room is more isolated than the regular rooms, it is often used post-transplant. Maybe Greg will be back in here with his new heart!

My sister and brother-in-law also came to visit and it was so nice to have some company - I am very thankful for them!

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