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November 26, 2010 - Evening Updates

Update from Greg's brother

Dr. Spear just visited Greg and told him that his cardiac output is excellent. In fact he claimed it's twice as much as his own. We aren't sure if that's quite true, but in any case it was cheering news.

Since the surgery Greg has had Swan Chest tubes in to drain blood from his upper chest cavity. Fortunately he's not really bleeding, so the tubes are coming out tomorrow.

Also he's been coughing up a lot of mucus and in a good bit of discomfort, but he's on Percocet and drifting back to sleep. All in all things are going very well and we hope he'll get restful sleep tonight with his new healthy heart.

Hi everyone! Just wanted you to have a final update of the day. He actually sat up in the chair for two hours! And he ate some clear liquids and crackers tonight. No nausea! At this moment, he has no oxygen on at all and he is 94 percent saturated. Still having a lot of trouble coughing mucus up. Very sore throat as a result. Also having some confusion sometimes-- related to medicine and anesthesia. The other concern would be fluids. He has quite a bit extra on board. If you would please pray for those things, I would be grateful. We are hoping for a good night! Talk to you tomorrow.

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