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November 26, 2010 - Out of the OR & Doing Well

At 2am the surgeon came to the waiting room to tell us that the surgery was done! He said that Greg was doing great. They put him on some "booster" drugs to help his new heart because the heart traveled a long distance to get to Greg and needed a little "boost". We're not sure what that means really but the surgeon said that this happens sometimes. One of the OR nurses also visited us and told us that Greg's new heart is "beautiful" and that Greg did great. The surgeon, the nurse, and everyone who has seen this heart all rave that it is in amazing condition. We're so excited!

Greg is now in the CVICU and we're waiting for them to get him all situated before we can go see him. They are monitoring Greg for bleeding and stray heart beats - and if they develop into a problem Greg may need to go back to the OR. We are hopeful and praying that this will not be the case!

Greg will be under anesthesia for a big portion of today and possibly getting off the ventilator late today- it all depends on how he does.

We'll keep you posted,


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