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November 26, 2010 - Things are Going Well - Overnight Updates

Below are a couple of overnight texts from Greg's brother to a family friend.


the surgeon just came up..... said we've got "an incredible heart" in greg. surgery went great. it's all over now.... he's going to be under heavy anesthetic for 3 hrs. we can see him in an hour. it's extremely rare but 2% of transplants have bleeding after that can lead to a need to operate further. they think that's even MORE highly unlikely w greg cause everything went so good, but they're still going to be monitoring that as well as any irregular beats its all over, surgery's done. went so so great.


just got to go in and see him! looks really really good. external pacemaker and tube doing breathing for him. me, our brother and dad are gunna sleep now. his nurses were all so nice, professional. he looks really good man. scary w the tube, from now on only 2 ppl allowed in at once. short visits as frequent as we want, but they need to keep a good eye on his vitals and just watch. critical that they watch. but they said he's doing very well.

Good morning! Greg has gotten thru the night well. We were all allowed to see him at 4am and he was completely sedated but looked better than we anticipated. Elise and I then went back at 5 and he opened his eyes immediately when he heard her voice. Since then we have been in and out a couple times. They are being kind to us and allowing us to stay there and comfort him. They tried to wean him off the ventilator a little while ago but his blood gasses weren't good enough. This is a really anxious and uncomfortable time for him. His heart function numbers are looking really good! Please keep praying for peace and comfort for him and strength for us. We are pretty exhausted and want to help him through this. Thank you for your love and prayers!

Greg just got extubated and is now breathing on his own. Cardiac function is very good!

More good news - Greg's brother texted this update a short while ago:

We just saw Greg for a longer period of time. . . his nurse literally said to him "We're gunna have to kick you out of here if you don't stop doing so good!! We take care of sick people, not great looking people with perfect hearts!!" He looks soooo good, and they just said he was off of fluid restriction. . . He's allowed to drink as much as he can handle. He's so, so, so much more comfortable now. God is good. Praise Jesus.

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