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November 27, 2010 - Dialysis Catheter Failed

Dialysis was started this morning and worked well for a little over one hour- they were able to remove about 140 cc of fluid from Greg (almost 5 ounces) and then the dialysis catheter kinked inside of him somehow and would not work. Most of the day since then has been spent in repeated attempts to insert another catheter. They attempted multiple times before finally getting one above the site where they had him attached to the heart/ lung bypass machine. They finally got to restart the dialysis about 20 minutes ago and so far, so good.

Greg is extremely sedated due to the pain of his surgery and the extreme discomfort that this awful swelling is causing, along with the understandable anxiety of having to lay flat for so long while these attempts were made to get the catheter in. His lungs have fluid in them too and so it's very hard for him to breathe laying down.

Thank you for your prayers today-they've made a difference. Please pray that nothing will happen that will cause an interruption in his dialysis. He truly needs it right now. Also please pray that his kidneys would start working; that he would not develop pneumonia as a result of his inability to move/ breathe properly and of course that his heart would not show signs of rejection secondary to the interruption of anti-rejection meds.

I continue to think of and pray for his donor's family and would ask that you join me in that prayer. We are so grateful for their amazing gift and grieve for their loss.

Thanks for caring and praying!


Greg's Mother

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