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November 4, 2010 - Stir Crazy & Exhausted

Hey everyone,

It's pretty late and I'm exhausted but I wanted to ask for prayers. Greg had a really tough night after a couple tough days

Being in the hospital is getting harder for Greg. He's too sick to go home, but each day drags on and on for him - time has never passed so slowly it seems. It's tough because his body prevents him from having the freedom his mind wants. He's stir crazy, but absolutely exhausted at the same time. Most of all the hospital is starting to feel like a prison.

Today he went to the hospital courtyard for 5-10 minutes with me and it was the first fresh air he'd had in 2 days. We're talking with the nurses about some possible options of them accompanying him outside occasionally so he can breathe deep and get fresh air. They can't monitor him if he's outside so he'll need to have a nurse with him to make sure he's safe. Thankfully the nurses are so great and they really care about Greg - they actually offered to come up with a way for him to go outside (not just in the courtyard but actually out front of the hospital). It never even occurred to us to ask!

Please pray:

- That Greg will be able to spend more time outside and that the nurses will be available to go with him.

- For Greg's nausea and headaches to go away (they are probably the side effects of one of his medications).

- For peace instead of anxiety and rest instead of restlessness.

- For me as I try to figure out how best to be here for Greg. Particularly that I'd come up with some sort of routine that would help me stay rested and enable me to be with Greg during the toughest times of the day.

- And as always, that his new heart would come soon! We can't wait to be on the other side of this and for him to be back home!


- The nurses are fantastic and we love them. We are so blessed.

- Greg had a great spiritual conversation with a psychiatry student today! It's really great to see God using him to reach people even now.

- They are increasing the frequency at which Greg can get medicine to help with anxiety! This is going to make a huge difference!

- I was able to buy a cot to sleep on. It's now set up in Greg's hospital room so I have the option to stay over at night if I'm too tired to drive home (and without killing my back trying to sleep in a chair), and he has a great place to rest and take naps. He feels like the cot makes the room more homey and he finds the cot to be a lot more comfortable than his bed too. We are so grateful to those of you who made this possible!

- Greg received 68 cards in the hospital mail yesterday and more at our apartment! It was amazing!

Thank you for praying!

Love, Elise

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