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October 10, 2010 - Cardioversion Scheduled

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update asking for your prayers for tomorrow. Greg's doctors decided that they need to do the cardioversion as soon as possible instead of waiting a couple of weeks. Greg hasn't been responding to the diuretics and they think that the atrial fibrillation is making them less effective. On Friday we were told that the cardioversion is scheduled for tomorrow (Monday) and Greg was put on an aggressive diuretic regimen over the weekend to try to get some of the fluid off. The more excess fluid he is retaining the less likely the cardioversion will effectively get his heart out of atrial fibrillation and into a normal rhythm.

Greg did lose over 6 lbs this weekend (a HUGE answer to prayer) and we're hopeful that he'll be below the 210lb cut off tomorrow morning. If not, they'll admit him to the hospital so that he can get IV diuretics for a few days and then do the cardioversion once his weight is below 210lb. At this point it looks like he will be below 210lb tomorrow. If so, we are supposed to arrive at the hospital at 1pm. I'm not sure what time they'll actually be doing the TEE (to check for blood clots in his heart before doing the cardioversion) and cardioversion but we would both appreciate your prayers tomorrow afternoon!

I'll try to keep you posted as things progress this week. Thanks for praying!




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