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October 26, 2010- Not Coming Home and Moving up the List

Hello everyone,

We found out yesterday that Greg is officially a 1A on the heart transplant list. This means that he's at the top - not necessarily #1, but in the highest category. This also means that he's too sick to leave the hospital. None of the diuretics are working on him - his heart simply isn't functioning well enough to pump the blood to his kidneys so the diuretics are working on dry kidneys while he's holding lots of fluid in his heart. They also are unable to keep his potassium levels high enough, or even steady, despite the massive amounts of potassium he's getting in his IV and by mouth each day. The doctors are trying a new medication to see if it will help his cardiac output but again they aren't hopeful it'll make a significant difference. At this point it looks like Greg will be staying in the hospital until he receives his new heart.

Two weeks from yesterday they will reevaluate Greg (if he hasn't been transplanted yet) to see if he still qualifies as a 1A. They will continue doing this every two weeks until he gets his new heart. We are at the point where they don't have any other things to try to keep his heart functioning- only a new heart will do. We are hoping and praying that he gets his new heart before he starts feeling even worse and before his heart starts functioning even less.

Please Pray:

  • For a new heart!!

  • That the new medication will increase Greg's heart function.

  • For Greg's fluid level to decrease and his potassium level to increase.

  • For both of us emotionally. Greg has been in the hospital for over 1 week already and he could be there for a significant amount of time. It's a tough place to be and we are trying to stay upbeat and really get him "settled in" but he misses being home (fresh air and freedom... etc.) and I miss him being home!

  • That I would stay healthy. I felt pretty sick over the weekend but thankfully Greg's parents were here to be with Greg so I could get some rest. Now that they are home I'm trying to balance getting enough rest, spending time with Greg, being at the hospital when the doctors are there, and taking care of stuff at home (including our super lonely kitty!). It's exhausting and I need to stay healthy so that I can take care of Greg before and after the transplant.


  • Greg is sleeping better at night!

  • I am adjusting better to being home and him being in the hospital. It's hard to sleep because I'm anxiously awaiting any call from the hospital, but I'm doing much better at this than I had been.

  • Greg had a good weekend with his parents and even dropped a little water weight (he's back up again now) over the weekend so he felt a little better.

I'll keep you updated as things progress over the next two weeks. Greg has been so encouraged by the cards we've received in the mail this week! They are a bright spot in his pretty dull and difficult days. If you'd like to send a card to Greg, you can send it to or home address or directly to his hospital room.

P.S. Just a quick note about flowers/plants: Greg can't be around any flowers or plants post- transplant because of risk of infection from bacteria in the water and soil. If you are interested in sending flowers or plants, please keep this in mind!

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