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Our Tiny Family

It took years

Until the words we said

Felt true in my heart:

We love our little family.

Our family was so little.

Smaller than I longed for,

Smaller than seemed best.

There were tears,


Anger and frustration.

I battled jealousy and faced defeat

Until finally there was acceptance.

This was God's provision,

There was no other way.

I learned to be grateful for the gift

Of a family of 3.

Until our little family

Became our tiny family.

Three was now two

And everything felt so fragile.

Just two?

Why so small, Lord?

One parent,

With only one child.

In a world filled with death and sorrow,

We were just one more tragedy away from destruction.

In a moment,

I could be childless.

In a moment,

he could be orphaned.

Two is tenuous and oh so susceptible to loss.

But he is not my life,

And I am not his security.

He is not my purpose,

And I am not his shelter.

Because we are fragile,

And our lives are like dust.

One moment here,

The next...gone.

In this world of sorrow and suffering,

Our tiny family

Must learn to lean on Jesus.

Our sure thing

Our safe place.

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