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September 28, 2010 In the Hospital... Again

Just as the doctors predicted Greg was admitted to the hospital Monday afternoon because his potassium level was too low. They've been having problems getting his potassium up while keeping his heart failure under control.

He's also still in atrial fibrillation - averaging 300 bpm in his atria but they can't address that issue until his potassium and fluid are stabilized. It's Wednesday morning right now and we're waiting for the doctor to do his rounds and hopefully let us know of a plan that will get Greg out of the hospital!

Thankfully we had the date wrong for when he's speaking at Cru - he's actually scheduled to speak NEXT Thursday (Oct. 7) so hopefully this hospital stay won't interfere! We'll let you know if we find out any significant information today.

Thanks for praying, Elise

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