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Without His Dad

Without his dad

Can he thrive?

Will he know love?

Without his dad

Will he remember what it is to be cherished so deeply

And instructed so lovingly?

Without his dad

To observe

Can I help him grow up to be a man

Who knows how to love, protect and provide For a wife and children?

Without his dad

Will he see men who follow Jesus

Through strong yet gentle leadership

With their power held under restraint?

Without his dad

Will he learn to lead when the time comes

But not shoulder that responsibility too soon?

Without his dad will he rejoice in beauty

And lament brokenness?

Or will he believe the lie that men must not

Feel deeply?

Without his dad

Will he be far too shaped by me

Mimicking my laugh

My moods

My ways?

Without his dad

Can he navigate first dates

First drives

And first shaves?

Without his dad

Will other men rise up to fill the gaps?

Is it even possible?

Without his dad

There are too many gaps

So many holes that only a father can fill.

Without his dad

Can I trust his Heavenly Father

To be enough?

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