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Honest reflections on suffering written in the midst of our journey.


June 26, 2022 - Determined to Thrive

In 2016, we took our son l to see the ocean for the first time. The pictures are beautiful, and I have many precious memories from that trip. I love to show Paul the pictures and tell him the stories and hear him laugh when I retell the funny parts over and over again.

But if I'm honest, that trip was also really hard.

Greg and I had just come through one of the hardest seasons in our lives and marriage. We couldn't understand what God was doing and it was hard to hope that things would ever get better. We were determined to find a way to heal our family and find a way to thrive again, but we had no idea where to start. Taking Paul to the ocean seemed as good a place as any.

It would be a long road back to health and healing for us. It eventually came, but things got worse before they got better.

If you find yourself in one of these seasons today - one where the pictures of your life look so much better than the reality of what's going on inside of you - you are not alone. Keep going. Keep fighting. Life, and your family, are always worth it.

Interviews with Greg on Suffering and Mental Health

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