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Thoughtful Gifts for Grievers

I have received many thoughtful gifts from friends and family since Greg died. Some people live close enough to offer their help and care in person. For others who live farther away, their love has been expressed through thoughtful cards, letters, and gifts.

Below is a list that I hope will help you show support and care well for the widows that you love.

Gifts that cost money

  • Flowers (not just for the funeral)

  • Donating to a special cause in honor of the deceased loved one

  • Gift cards for coffee/ restaurants/ gas stations/ grocery stores

  • Cozy blankets

  • Candles or lotions with relaxing scents

  • Necklace with initials of deceased loved one

  • Bottle of Tears beautiful keepsakes and gifts

  • Preserved flowers from funeral made in resin object (example)

  • Pictures books of deceased loved one

  • Healthy (and some not so healthy) snacks (kid and adult friendly)

  • Toys, activities, or stuffed animals for kids

  • Grief picture books for kids (my favorite are listed here)

  • Memberships that the family can use for quality time together: botanical garden, zoo, etc.

  • Keepsake box for saving precious items

  • Gift certificate for a massage

  • Gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure

  • Coffee or Tea

Gifts that don't cost money

  • Care crates from Songs in the Night

  • Widow care support from Perspective Ministries

  • Letters or cards with memories of the one who has died - for the spouse

  • Letters with memories of the one who has died - for the children

  • Watching children for the grieving parent

  • Setting up a meal train

  • Sending a text to check in and let the grieving person know you are thinking of them

  • Sending a text on each one-month anniversary

  • Practical household help such as: shoveling snow, raking leaves, mowing yard, helping with minor repairs

  • Sharing pictures or videos of the one who has died that the surviving family members may not have copies of

  • Include children in activities your family is doing

  • Invite the family over for dinner once a month

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