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Who Would He Be Now?

I wonder who Greg would be now

With three more years of living

Three more years of suffering

And three more years of being transformed by Jesus

I knew him at 19

And far more deeply at 35

But 38 year old Greg is a mystery

that will never be solved

I watched him mature, back slide, and grow

Saw him become a husband and a father

I knew him as a dad to an infant, toddler, and little boy

But what kind of dad would he be

To a nine year old kid?

And who would we be


With a husband and father to mold and guide us?

How different would life be

Our days, months and years

If he was here?

These are mysteries that can't be solved

With him in Glory and our feet firmly planted on earth

Yet still I wonder,

Who would he be now?

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